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About Me

My name is Paul i am married to Mandy and we have 3 children Iain, Abigail and Laura.



1. alan parker - August 2, 2006

hello paul,
If you are looking for a game of footy i organise football sessions for a group of people with a range of difficulties in birmingham on thursday mornings, you aare welcome to come down for a kickabout

2. bibomedia.com - March 7, 2008


3. Alexandra Snyder - July 3, 2008

My name is Alexandra Snyder; I am the Content Editor at HealthCare.com. I’ve been reading your blog, 30minutemeandering, and was really impressed by the content. I would like to invite you to syndicate your blog with our site.

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To feed/import your blog, you will first need to create a new blog account with us. This is done by clicking “create my blog” from this link: http://blogs.healthcare.com . A request will be sent to me and it will be put in queue for approval. Once approved, an activation email will be sent to you, simply click the link and follow the import instructions found (here). If you run into any problems, please refer to our FAQ page or email me.

Have a great day!

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