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Guess what… January 31, 2007

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…i’ve been told tonight that i need to rest for the rest of the season as what i thought was a groin strain is not. It turns out that i have something called osteitis pubis (thank you wikipedia).

I have had the problem now for about 2 months but now that i know what it isĀ  i can get myself to the doctors and get some anti inflamatories to help with the symptoms, along with resting.

So in conclusion no more football for me until next season. A bit frustrating as i had only just got back into the sport this season.


I took… January 27, 2007

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health.

…a depression test tonight you can take it here.

I suppose the point is the first time i took it i was a 51 and the second time when i removed the weight loss and tiredness i was a 33 which was still a shock.

It would seem the medication is doing a good job of getting me through day to day things.

I’m tired… January 25, 2007

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…today and a bit ratty.

Anyway i encountered my first fish tank building problem today, getting a drill bit long enough and thin enough to make the screws i have chosen viable. Which for those of you interested are 4mm and 4″ long, they are going to have to be counter sunk on some of the joints as i am using 4″x2″ wood.

So the drill bit i required needed to be 3mm with at leastĀ  5″ of screw, anyway if i only had the DIY stores out there to rely on i would have been in a bit of trouble. Luckily i have a Father who works in engineering and could put his hand straight on the bit that i need.

So no actual construction today but i can at least rest knowing i have the tools to start.

Sold a… January 24, 2007

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…tank tonight…this one actually

to make way for the 7ft tank that i will be bringing in as soon as i have constructed the stand. Yes i am doing it myself wood has been purchased and cut it now just needs to be put together which i’m sure will be fun.

Did i mention i was lucky to have such an understanding wife.

Amazing how… January 22, 2007

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…time flies when your busy.

It doesn’t seem that long since i last blogged, but it’s actually been a fortnight.

Super T-bar… January 7, 2007

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…parents, risking it all to raise fry in what can only be described as a perilous situation, as both Severum and Oscar would eat the fry if given the chance. The white that you see around the Male T-bars mouth is unfortunatly the amount of damage he has sustained in defending the brood, and what looks like him eating fry i’s not he is just moving them to a safer area…if thats possible.

Today I… January 6, 2007

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…purchased rather a large fish tank, or should i say the wife did on my behalf.

Anyway it is 72″x18″x18″ which is about 400l/90g in volume, perfect for Seve and Oscar, who are sharing a tank at the moment with the T-bar who have spawned again and are successfully raising fry, i shall try to get some video of this as i’m amazed it is possible as both Oscar and Seve are partial to fish suppers and caviar.

Families,… January 3, 2007

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…what can i say. Just when you think you have found a resolution to one problem the goalposts get moved.

In this particular situation it relates to when and where our children see their grandparents. I honestly thought the issue had been resolved last night but today i find it is not…..