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What a… July 31, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Randomeandering.

…weekend, the girls were at Grandma’s and Iain was at his friends.

So the wife and i got re-aquainted…


I reckon… July 30, 2006

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…it’s alright to have a drink now and again.

It’s took me about 4 years to understand that. Just so you understand i worked in bars for 8 years and thought i was an alcoholic, so i stopped drinking with help from mrs30minutemeandering.

I realise i am not an alcoholic, but without someone to understand my personality and helpĀ me i could be….

…..A mess.

Semi-naked… July 27, 2006

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…and sunburnt, yes while we were out in the sunshine today i removed my t-shirt, something i don’t normally do being that i am so fair skinned and the inevitable burning occured. It does however mean that Mrs 30minutemeandering was able to take some pics of my tattoo’s

I do want to get more done but money has been tight since…..well since i met Mrs 30minutemeandering.

Battling… July 26, 2006

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…the Wife on BOTB, vote for me, but don’t tell her I said so.

Stand off… July 25, 2006

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…at the half way line, yes the Firemouth’s are now settled in with the T-bar’s and successfully defending half the tank. The re-shuffle has also prompted the T-bars into egg laying, and ceasing parental care of their previous brood.

Amazing how much i have learned in aquatics since Mrs 30minutemeandering bought me my first small tank 2 years ago.

The T-bar… July 22, 2006

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…fry are finally big enough for a photo to be taken of them, although you will need to click on image for larger view.

As you can see they are still really small, and probably only have another week or so of parental care as the adults are currently digging another spawning pit.

I did manage to do the fish transfer and get a picture of one of the featherfin catfish, there is now one in each tank-

I would like to thank Mrs 30minutemeandering for taking the pictures for me.

I need… July 21, 2006

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…to get the tanks sorted out today. I have to get the Firemouth cichlids in with the T-bar cichlids before they both start another breeding cycle, so they can sort out their new territories. Hopefully this will enable both to have successful broods.

The dorsiger and one of the featherfin catfish will then go into the other tank with Seve the Severum. It all sounds complicated and boring but it’s not, it’s easy and boring.

The cigarettes… July 20, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Football.

…are gone, i have to give up if i have any chance of getting fit again.

Completed… July 18, 2006

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…first training session for this season and i have to say if i didn’t feel like i was 30 years old yesterday i certainly feel like i’m 60 today.

I ended up going back to Chester-le-street Town in the Northern league division 1, a team i played for many years ago and not having played at such a high standard for so long definatly shows, however i went back into this knowing it was going to be a hard slog so i’m prepared.

I want… July 16, 2006

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…a 6ftx2ftx2ft fish tank, and as luck would have it the wife will let me, we have even decided where it will go in the house.

Problem is we have no money to get it. But hey on a possitive note i know i can get one and where it will go.