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Things are… February 28, 2007

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…looking up i got the car back today which means i don’t have to cycle to work tomorrow and i can have a lie in….well if it’s possible for a postman to lie in on a work day!


Five things… February 24, 2007

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…that have happened in the last five days-

  1. The flowerhorn has infected my new tank with whitespot
  2. I have done 50+ hours at work
  3. The car has been taken sick with an electrical fault
  4.  I have been refused a consolodation loan
  5. I have realised that my mental health is fantastic or i would have had a melt down over of the last five days

Were having… February 19, 2007

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…a trial seperation as it’s just not working out at the moment. The harrassment, the chasing, the rubukes it’s just too much. So as of today Mr T-bar has been relocated to give Mrs T-bar a rest, as you can see she looks completely worn out-

Mr T-bar is now in the new tank with Oscar, Severum, the 2 juvenile severums-

and another new adition Petal my juvenile Flowerhorn who is investigating Mr T-bar in this photo-

I also have some new additions for my other tank but but some are quite difficult to photograph but here is one that the wife was able to snap-

Just some… February 15, 2007

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…pics the wife took of the fish in their new home-

…Oscar and Severum best buddies. Never more than 6inches between them.

Two weeks… February 13, 2007

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…on and this is where the fish tank stand and hood is up to…

…as you can see it’s still a bit rough around the edges but for the most part it is complete. There have been times over the fortnight when i thought i would never get it done, even to the point of almost taking it outside and building a big bonfire.

However persistence paid off and my first joinery project is almost ready to go, along with new external filter from Hydor (the prime 30) also in the picture. Hydor also do an external heater which attaches to the pump however i have been informed there are some small glitches with the product so i won’t be purchasing one just yet although i would like one in the future as it would mean less in the tank to distract from the fish.

I got… February 5, 2007

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…two new severum they are ‘rotkeil’  or red head/shoulder severum the ones in the video are only juvenile so are still showing their stripes  however if you click on this link you can see what they will look like as adults. Anyway i will try to video their development.

We took… February 4, 2007

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…a trip to Fountains Abbey yesterday.

While there i got the Wife to take these pictures-

Why? well these are the types of images i try to recreate in my bonsai and it’s always nice to have a picture to reference.