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The new… August 30, 2006

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…tattoo, photo courtesy of the Wife


Inherited plec… August 29, 2006

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…seem to be of the common variety, but it is a welcome addition to the set up. It is about 8in long and sem to have settled into it’s new tank. The new tank is currently cycling which i don’t normally do, usually i just seed from one of my other tanks however in this instance there is no rush as i have no money at the moment to stock it with the fish i want (Jack Dempsey and Convict Cichlid)

Anyway here is a pic of the new plec-

Snapshots August 28, 2006

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Hello, Mrs 30minutemeandering here guest posting for hubby, we thought it might be a fun thing to do and it means any regular readers get more than the usual 1 line posts which my hubby so hilariously calls blogging, not that I don ‘t love my hubby and his wonderous blog but sometimes I guess I’m just left wanting more, lines, paragraphs and even maybe the occasional page!!

Anyway we’ve had a lovely weekend, I’ve been working on a retirement album which I’ve been commissioned to do but luckily it hasn’t all been work, we went to the seaside yesterday afternoon and today we’ve been at Wallington Hall, a national trust property in Northumberland, So for my guest post I thought I would share my photographs for the day!

So here they are :-

You can’t… August 25, 2006

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…beat freecycle. Tonight i have just freebied a 4ft fish tank with stand and all the bits to set up. I also got a plec can’t tell which type yet but i will as soon as the lights are on in the tank.

Love at… August 24, 2006

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…first sight

If you want to see another picture you could visit Mrs 30minutemeandering

Firemouth Cichlid… August 22, 2006

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…pictures. The first is of a male which was badly attacked by the female, to this day i’m not sure why as they were a bonded pair and had previously spawned.

The second is of the female with her new fishy beau, and although they have not spawned they are working as a pair to defending an area of the tank.

I would like to thank Mrs 30minutemeandering for taking these pics.

First day… August 21, 2006

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…completed of the block paving training course i am doing. If you think it sounds boring you would be right, however it is just one of the courses i intend to take which will enable me to do hard landscaping. It’s also a short enough course that it’s achievable for me.

Sunday morning… August 20, 2006

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…football has returned. The team is more or less the same but name has changed to Last Orders because thats the name of the pub we now frequent after the game.

So this morning we won 3-1 against the Shakespeare, which is a great start considering we hold aspirations of promotion this year considering we only just missed out in it last year.

Big cheer… August 18, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health.

…for the Wife who is agoraphobic but has popped to the shop on her own tonight, it’s a massive step and i had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying “i’ll go”.

Anyway she got there and back without any drama’s which is a big relief, hopefully this is the first of many trips out on her own.

I’ve decided… August 16, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Tattoo.

…with the money i got i’m going to get another tattoo. It’s booked to be done on the 30th August and its being refined from a doodle the Wife did.

So it’s been about ten years since i have my last tat done and i didn’t know who to go to to get it done, however with the yellow pages and the internet i got it down to three, i then visited the shops and i went with Northside Tattooz who were in my opinion the superior choice for getting the art done.