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Guess what… January 31, 2007

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…i’ve been told tonight that i need to rest for the rest of the season as what i thought was a groin strain is not. It turns out that i have something called osteitis pubis (thank you wikipedia).

I have had the problem now for about 2 months but now that i know what it is  i can get myself to the doctors and get some anti inflamatories to help with the symptoms, along with resting.

So in conclusion no more football for me until next season. A bit frustrating as i had only just got back into the sport this season.


I’ve been… November 15, 2006

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…quite angry this week with the in-laws however i was brought up not say anything if you couldn’t say anything nice, suffice to say i’m speechless.

The wife however is quite happy to tell you some of the details.

On a positive note i’m almost match fit,on Sunday i played an hour after coming on as sub in the centre on midfield.

On a second positive note we are definatly going to have Christmas dinner at a restaurant this year.

So as luck would have it 2 positives cancel out 2 negatives…..i’m feeling better already!

Fit or… November 4, 2006

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…not fit, that is the question! The answer has to be that i have achieved a great level of fitness however translating that into match fitness is something else. I survived almost a full 90mins last Sunday which is good, a few more games and i should be sorted.

Other news this week-

Had medical for the Post Ofice job and passed, so hopefully won’t be long until i get a start date.

Got my Chrismas present swap partner you can see her blog here.

Almost three… October 13, 2006

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…months since i quit smoking and still cigarette free.

I mention it because i am probably the fittest now than i have ever been in my adult life, too be fair its been a hard slog and at times i thought i would never make it.

Anyway with some luck i should hear today about playing for a team on a Saturday, which has been my goal from the start.

Turns out… September 27, 2006

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…the calf strain is not as bad as i thought, and i’m sure it will be better in time to play football on Sunday if the transfer is completed in time.

On a happy note little Looby was 3 this week and the wife took these fab pics of her opening some of her presents-


I’m on… September 26, 2006

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…a bit of a downer, I have strained my calf muscle just as i was getting fit. It’s not a really bad one but at my age even a week or so without training can set you right back.

I blame the wife for forcing me out for a run this morning

I took… September 23, 2006

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the wife to a football match today, Chester-le-street v South Shields. I went with the intention of seeing one of the players who plays on a Sunday for the Allerdene as I’ve not been happy playing with my current Sunday team, (basically they play till the pub opens as opposed to playing football). I met Willie Moat (the man below challenging the goalie) and tommorrow I go to the Allerdene fixture.

Sunday morning… August 20, 2006

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…football has returned. The team is more or less the same but name has changed to Last Orders because thats the name of the pub we now frequent after the game.

So this morning we won 3-1 against the Shakespeare, which is a great start considering we hold aspirations of promotion this year considering we only just missed out in it last year.

Its frustrating… August 9, 2006

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…me, trying to get fit enough to play football at a competitive level when i have done nothing for over 5 years. The things that are keeping me going are the fact that it has kept me off the cigarettes (nearly a month) and of course the Wife who has been nothing but a rock in pushing me on.

Don’t you… August 2, 2006

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…just hate it when your on the fringes of things. The team i train with had a pre-season friendly tonight, but when i got there i found out it had been called off earlier today.

I don’t feel to bad as it was partly my fault for not giving my phone number at the start of the pre-season.