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Things are… February 28, 2007

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…looking up i got the car back today which means i don’t have to cycle to work tomorrow and i can have a lie in….well if it’s possible for a postman to lie in on a work day!


Five things… February 24, 2007

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…that have happened in the last five days-

  1. The flowerhorn has infected my new tank with whitespot
  2. I have done 50+ hours at work
  3. The car has been taken sick with an electrical fault
  4.  I have been refused a consolodation loan
  5. I have realised that my mental health is fantastic or i would have had a melt down over of the last five days

Jenson Button… August 6, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Motors.

…has finally won his first Grand Prix, with a bit of luck that will be the monkey off his back and set him on course to the next level. Go Jenson!

Now i’m just a cheerleader for F1, if you want to know all the scoops and get some decent F1 writing go to BlogF1

F1 Qualifying May 6, 2006

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I missed it!

Spent the day cleaning for Abigails 4th birthday party tommorrow, which was more important as she has spent all week asking "is it my party today/tommorrow/the next day". She is having friends from school and she is so excited to play party games.

This party is also about changing trends if possible, why? because i can't abide those huge parties at soft play where all the mothers are outcompeting each other on size/ cost of present they brought for the birthday boy/girl, its become obsessive and its stopping, from tomorrow presents will be tokens and it will be all about cake, candles and chairs(of the musical variety.

P.S. I've checked and Alonso is on pole position for the race tommorrow.

Jenson April 24, 2006

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Its taken me until today to post about the Grand Prix as i was unsure how i felt about Jenson Buttons reaction to his pit lane incident. I think JB is a fantastic driver and i have no doubt he is a future champion i do however feel he is being to impatient, he needs to realise he is still young and to be fair Honda have pulled out all the stops to keep him. Yes i believe he has a good change of big points this year but i don't think this is his year to win it and between himself and the team they need to be working towards next year and the year after not arguing this year over mistakes that can be ironed out.

Post, Products and Bingo April 8, 2006

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Todays fun all started when the post arrived this morning. I subscribe to Practical Fish Keeping(PFK) and last month there was a questionaire to become part of panel to test tetra products, i did not get on the panel but i did get some fish food in the post for taking part. For those interested i wrote about -Tetra aqua easy balance which acording to the bottle keeps water fresh for up to 6 months. In my own tests on the product i needed to do a water change after 3 months as the fish started flicking, i still count the result as a massive success as i would normally do a water change every 10 days I will continue to use this product and it gets a big thumbs up, i will however return to 10 day water changes in the knowledge that if an emergency occurs the fish will be fine for up to 3 months.

The second thing i recieved is a resistor, which the e-bay seller claims increases the bhp of your car. I intend to test this claim, i will however be talking to a mechanic i know before inserting said resistor into the cars electrics. results of this test will be in a future post.

Todays cool link which i found today in take a break magazine-

£2.00 bingo credit when you register at gala bingo when it asks for Bonus/offer code enter "TAKE". 

The Return Of The Car April 5, 2006

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Got the car back today, it has been having the earth wire replaced. It also needed HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm, which i did myself. Anyway if i can give any advice on car choice it would be get a popular brand like Ford etc. I have a hyundai Atoz which to be fair gos and gos and gos but when you need spare parts it costs even when you go to a scrap yard!