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Happy halloween… October 31, 2006

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…if you like it spooky here is a Monster a Devil a Phantom a Vampire and a Werewolf.

OK i like fish what were you expecting!


Aquatic catch… October 27, 2006

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…up for the interested.

I have mostly been moving fish, here is the new roomie list-

Severum and Green Terror are still together but are now in the tank in the kitchen with the smaller of the 2 featherfins.

T-bar female and fry (so many survived this time) remain in the same tank with blue phantom plec but…

T-bar male was being very aggressive with the female so he has been moved into the third tank with Oscar and common plec.

I have also soldĀ  2 dorsiger, a firemouth (the other firemouth died one at the hands of the T-bar male, the other was already poorly), the larger of the 2 featherfins and the 2 t-bar fry from the last brood which survived to adulthood big enough fry to sell.

The reason for the changes, appart from needing to give the T-bar female space I plan to sell one of the tanks and replace it with a 6 footer.

Back home… October 25, 2006

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…after a fantastic long weekend away.

If you want to know what we did go and visit the Wife, she has it minute by minute.

He’s going away!! October 19, 2006

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Hi It’s the wife here, I just thought i would do a guest post for hubby to let all 30minutemeandering fans that hubby is going away on holidays tommorrow, we’re off to a friend of mines house in the country just near Aberdeen. The thing is of course that hubby being such a lazy blogger you might not think anything if you don’t see another blog from himself till Wednesday but just in case you wonder where he is, think he’s dead or abducted by aliens or even run off with a bevvy of breasty beauties (his chance would be a fine thing, a week with him and they would hand him back on a plate!!) he’s not, he’s just on his holidays and lording it up in a hot tub for the considerable future!!

this was the childrens reaction to the fact that they would be locked in a car with daddy for 7 or 8 hours tommorrow, never midn the ipod is loaded with practically the whole of the radio 2 playlist and hopefully we’ll get there without anyone being shouted at, maimed or severely poked! wish us luck!!

I’m not… October 18, 2006

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…really into doing swaps with people but today i joined in because it involved Christmas presents and i love Christmas presents.

I’ve had… October 16, 2006

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…a radical change of hair style today, if you want to see the before and after you will have to go visit the Wife as she has the pics on her blog.

I’ve had the change as i found it impossible to play football the way it was, it just kept getting in my eyes!

Firefly… October 15, 2006

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…is showing on the SCI-FI channel and it’s almost up to the episodes that i haven’t seen.

The series also spawned a movie called Serenity, which i recommend watching before the series as you get more of the character background.

Almost three… October 13, 2006

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…months since i quit smoking and still cigarette free.

I mention it because i am probably the fittest now than i have ever been in my adult life, too be fair its been a hard slog and at times i thought i would never make it.

Anyway with some luck i should hear today about playing for a team on a Saturday, which has been my goal from the start.

T-bar and fry… October 11, 2006

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…video, because i have tried to get photos of the fry but they are just too small, at least in the video you can see them.

A big thank you to the Wife for sorting it out for me cos i would never have been able to do it.

Great White Shark… October 9, 2006

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…back at Monterey bay Aquarium.

This is the second time the Aquarium has housed a great white, the first time was in 2004 when they kept a female for a record 198 days before it was released.

There is so much fantastic information at their website, and not just about the GreatWhite that it’s well worth a look.