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Just when… March 20, 2007

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health, Pictures.

…you thought it was safe to come off the tablets…i ave been feeling extremely good over the last month and figured it would be a good time to escape the anti-depressants So i have now been off them for about 2weeks and think i may have made a mistake! I now realise i may be on them for quite some time to come, if not for good. Reason being in the last week i have been getting progressivly more unbearable to be around. Anyway i’m returning to the medication so that i’m not so spikey i just hope i have caught it in time.



1. the wife - March 21, 2007

lets hope we rid the spikey spikersons soon or we’ll have to send you to the bottom of the garden to live with Wiggly Woo!!

Love you always (even when you’re spikey!!)

Kissywissyhuggywuggies!! (lol)

2. tiana - March 27, 2007


3. Jackal - April 20, 2007

Well, don’t see it as a mistake – more a trial. You’ve given it a couple of weeks and know within yourself what’s what. No mistake, no failure. You are trying.

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