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Aquatic catch… October 27, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Aquatics.

…up for the interested.

I have mostly been moving fish, here is the new roomie list-

Severum and Green Terror are still together but are now in the tank in the kitchen with the smaller of the 2 featherfins.

T-bar female and fry (so many survived this time) remain in the same tank with blue phantom plec but…

T-bar male was being very aggressive with the female so he has been moved into the third tank with Oscar and common plec.

I have also sold  2 dorsiger, a firemouth (the other firemouth died one at the hands of the T-bar male, the other was already poorly), the larger of the 2 featherfins and the 2 t-bar fry from the last brood which survived to adulthood big enough fry to sell.

The reason for the changes, appart from needing to give the T-bar female space I plan to sell one of the tanks and replace it with a 6 footer.



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