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He’s going away!! October 19, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Uncategorized.

Hi It’s the wife here, I just thought i would do a guest post for hubby to let all 30minutemeandering fans that hubby is going away on holidays tommorrow, we’re off to a friend of mines house in the country just near Aberdeen. The thing is of course that hubby being such a lazy blogger you might not think anything if you don’t see another blog from himself till Wednesday but just in case you wonder where he is, think he’s dead or abducted by aliens or even run off with a bevvy of breasty beauties (his chance would be a fine thing, a week with him and they would hand him back on a plate!!) he’s not, he’s just on his holidays and lording it up in a hot tub for the considerable future!!

this was the childrens reaction to the fact that they would be locked in a car with daddy for 7 or 8 hours tommorrow, never midn the ipod is loaded with practically the whole of the radio 2 playlist and hopefully we’ll get there without anyone being shouted at, maimed or severely poked! wish us luck!!



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