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Oscar,… October 4, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Aquatics, Pictures.

…what can i say, i have aspired to own this fish since i found out about them the one i have is about 1 inch-

Astronotus Ocellatus (Oscar)

Size 12-14 inches.

Originates from the Amazon region

Another fish which if breeding must be paired off at a young age to prevent death during courtship the male being the main victim as the female tests the males so she only breeds with the strongest gene pool.

The Oscar is omnivorous and unfussy eaters. Quality of water is however important as they are prone to pitting of the scales which is usually irreversible.

So the reason i have now bought an Oscar is that i have the space to get a 6ft tank which will house it and these 2.

Other fishy news the T-bar cichlids are parents again.



1. Elf - October 5, 2006

It’s a pretty fish. Bet the guys wish the girls were less aggressive though.

2. 30minutemeandering - October 5, 2006

It’s just what keeps the gene pool healthy.

3. Today I… « 30 Minute Meandering - January 6, 2007

[…] Anyway it is 72″x18″x18″ which is about 400l/90g in volume, perfect for Seve and Oscar […]

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