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The joy… September 18, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Randomeandering.

…of finally getting some decent TV after a summer of drivel.

Welcome back Spooks

Welcome back Afterlife

And to top it all off a new series of Mythbusters

Whats even better is the wife likes them too so no fighting over the remote!



1. The wife - September 19, 2006

Not too sure about Mythbusters although there are worse programmes (STARGATE) also welcome back to my favourite Wire in The Blood which I know you don’t care for because it freaks you out, maybe something to do with the fact that it’s filmed around where we live so it looks like we live pretty close to some ghastly murderers!!

Oh look another comment which is longer than your actual blog!

Loves yaxxxx

2. 30minutemeandering - September 19, 2006

It’s not the size of the blog that counts it’s what you do with it!

3. Elf - September 20, 2006

North East Bonsai Society Tel: 01388 833144
Meetings: Dunlop Social Club, SP Tyres, Wear Industrial Estate, Washington New Town, Tyne & Wear
2nd Wednesday in month. 7.15 p.m.
Web Site – http://www.northeastbonsaisociety.homestead.com
This Society also has a Web Site as a teaching aid at –

Look what I found! Was browsing for clubs in Northants for work. 🙂

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