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Not the best… September 3, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Aquatics, Pictures.

…photo in the world but thats more to do with the dirt on the glass than the ability of the photographer.

Anyway the photo is one of the better ones of my featherfin catfish (Synodontis eupterus) who is difficult to catch in the frame as he is very scittish.

I have two of these fish however they cannot live in the same tank as they are quite agressive towards each other. They are also know to be aggressive towards tankmates however i have been lucky as mine seem to get on fine with the other fish in the tank.

As for food mine will eat anything and everything that makes it to the floor of the tank, even well defended cichlid eggs.

At 4in he is currently about half his adult size.

The featherfin originates from Africa so are a bit out of place in my tanks as i keep mainly South and Central American cichlids but they are in my opinion the most beautiful of all the catfishes available.



1. Alex-san - September 8, 2006

The synodontis is a very nice fish but I still prefer the look of the plec. I had one once and made the mistake of feeding it. They grow huge! He used to take all the abuse from a couple of oscars though.
Anyway keep up your meandering:)

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