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Big cheer… August 18, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health.

…for the Wife who is agoraphobic but has popped to the shop on her own tonight, it’s a massive step and i had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying “i’ll go”.

Anyway she got there and back without any drama’s which is a big relief, hopefully this is the first of many trips out on her own.



1. The wife - August 18, 2006

Thanks Darling Darlingsworth of the Darlingsons from Darlington. It was a bit scary from just after I went till the moment I returned but for me going out after dark it’s a total first and I’m feeling like I might have just cracked it atlast!

I love you and i thank you for all the times when you had to look after me and the stuff you had to give up for me and I want you to have everything you have ever wanted from now on.

The wife

2. Mr. Fabulous - August 19, 2006

Very cool! Hang in there!

3. Elf - August 19, 2006

Well done Mandy. Not commenting on you saying you have cracked at last cos I’m not that mean 🙂

4. Shelli - August 20, 2006

That is cool. Good for her. That is a tough one. Yay to you for being supportive to her.

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