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It only… August 14, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health.

…seems to be in the most stressful situations that i get the dis-jointed feelings like i’m not part of the world around me.

So to re-cap this week i have started playing Sunday football again,

I have enroled onto a short course to do block paving starting next week, and a fork lift truck course starting in October,

i have also taken out a small loan so the Wife could get a new camera and i can… well i don’t kow how i’m going to spend my share.

Anyway to most that would seem like an average week but to me i think i am about at my limit and i’m finding it hard to get back into my coping strategies.

The one good thing i comes from this is that i know i’m at the limit, normally i go sailing on by the limit and don’t realise i’ve totally freaked out until… actually i never know i’ve gone passed the limit the wife normally just pulls me back.



1. Elf - August 17, 2006

You think you’re bad? I’m sure that you’ve started the block paving course to deliberatly avoid me!!! Inside I know that you haven’t but I’m almost as paranoid.

Hope it all goes well for you and it’s good that you are recognising your limits.

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