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Its frustrating… August 9, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Football, Mental Health.

…me, trying to get fit enough to play football at a competitive level when i have done nothing for over 5 years. The things that are keeping me going are the fact that it has kept me off the cigarettes (nearly a month) and of course the Wife who has been nothing but a rock in pushing me on.



1. 30minutemeandering - August 9, 2006

Aww thanks Hun, you deserve to play, it’s your time and your chance so take it, if you haven’t called that other team when you read this, get on the blinkin phone and ring them!!

The wife!

2. David - August 10, 2006

Hey. Go for it. Wish I had done the same many years ago but my wife was in no way supportive.

3. elf - August 11, 2006

Well done on not smoking for a month. Inset clappy smiliey. It might all change once you’ve met me. lol

4. Sarah - August 13, 2006

Keep it up Paul

Well done on the smoking too

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