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Semi-naked… July 27, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Pictures, Randomeandering, Tattoo.

…and sunburnt, yes while we were out in the sunshine today i removed my t-shirt, something i don’t normally do being that i am so fair skinned and the inevitable burning occured. It does however mean that Mrs 30minutemeandering was able to take some pics of my tattoo’s

I do want to get more done but money has been tight since…..well since i met Mrs 30minutemeandering.



1. mandy - July 28, 2006

I can’t beleive no one has commented on these fabulous arty shots, maybe they don’t like them because I popped them, I don’t care though, you’re gorgeous, you’re horny and you’re all mine!


2. Elf - July 28, 2006

You should be setting an example to those kids and slip slop slap. Not burn!!

Great tattoos. Now you have to explain about the symbols. Are they random celtic shapes or are there a hidden meanings?

Great arty shots Mandy 🙂

3. Jenna - July 28, 2006

Nice tats, but sorry to hear about the sunburn. That always sucks!

4. 30minutemeandering - July 28, 2006

The tat on my chest is my birth sign and symbol(Leo) the tat on my back is Yin Yang in Celtic scroll.

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