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I love… July 14, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Football, Mental Health.

…my wife, she is so supportive. We have been discussing me playing football again this year, i was only going to play on a Sunday morning which my paranoia can cope with but Mrs 30minutemeandering has told me to push the boundaries of my mental health and play at a higher and more demanding level, and for this i am truley grateful as would never have attempted it on my own.



1. 30minutemeandering - July 14, 2006

aww, you’re such a sweetie! I’m going to be behind you every step of the way so that you reach your full potential instead of settling for second best, you deserve the world and I’ll be there to help you get it!

2. 30minutemeandering - July 15, 2006

She is still using my login

3. Dirty Butter - July 15, 2006

Go for it! If you don’t push yourself, you’ll always regret that you didn’t try.

You have plenty of blog buddies rooting for you already!!


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