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Hormones.. May 27, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Mental Health.

…or lack of, i'm not sure which has caused a great deal of strife the last two days. It's not that i am emotionless or don't want to understand, it's just this is something that is about 20x worse than PMT. I'm sure all of this is normal and run of the mill but nobody really tells you what it is going to be like and if they do they certainly don't tell husbands or partners how to deal with it.



1. the babycub - May 27, 2006

You need a garden shed of your very own to escape to, right at the very bottom of the garden.

I seem to remember that there are delayed emotional aftereffects of anaesthaesia, so it may not actually be hormonal: try to take heart from that.

There’s nothing you can do except let it run it’s source and try to force yourself to remember that it’s not personal.

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