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Algae Update May 25, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Aquatics.

Well i seem to be making some headway with reducing the algae although i did have to give up on the 'Siesta method' as i was unable to be consistent. I decided to give growing plants another go (i have never had any luck with aquatic plants) and it seems to be working although it has only been a week, but fingers crossed it is the solution.



1. Moo - May 26, 2006

Hi sorry to invade you like this but I was browsing blogmad and found your wifes site.. I DESPERATELY wanted to leave her a note but the visual verification thing won’t work for me so I am going to leave it here… sorry to be so rude but I don’t know how else to leave her one and I feel I NEEEEED to leave one.. forgive me – this is the note “hey hey hey hey heeeeey you have my name and you live in my city – and you’re on blogmad.. I NEVER find other Mandy’s OR other “geordies” *does a happy dance* HI!!! I’ve added you to my faves xxx”

x x x

2. Moo - May 26, 2006

and here is a note for you too.. so that you’re not jealous – “Hello it’s very nice to meet you etc etc kind regards etc etc Moo xxx”

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