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Men Explained May 19, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Randomeandering.

Today we visited a craft shop (one with coffee), while there i was reading an old copy of Heat magazine and on the letters page a woman had written "it infuriates me when my husband flicks between channels when adverts come on" there was more to the letter but this was the bit that caught my eye

I have decided to answer some of the, why do men do that questions, starting with this one.

Men flick between channels when adverts come on not to annoy women but because-

1/ adverts are like tiny little shopping trips from your sofa

2/ They already know what they like so no need for ads

3/ There maybe something much more important to them on another channel that they will only be able to catch in the break of there partners programme which they have been forced to watch.

As and when anymore crop up i shall endevour to answer, feel free to ask.



1. mandy - May 19, 2006

Tiny little shopping trips from your sofa, Hurrah for Ads which are ofte better than the programmes I have to endure, Footie, mythbusters ( which isn’t too bad) and my all time favourite hatred “How it’s Made”, and yes Mr Pedantic I realise that favourite hatred is a an Oxymoron!

Lots of love from the lady who loves ya xxx

2. the babycub - May 20, 2006

How It’s Made – YAY!!!! I love the theme choon!

Mythbusters I can take or leave as I think they don’t investigate properly. If they did then they’d find that the soldiers marching on a bridge problem isn’t a Myth but is exactly why the Millennium Bridge started to wobble. They should have watched the programme with Johnathan Hart-Davies that featured it.

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