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Sick of hospital May 15, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Randomeandering.

Mandy phoned me from hospital this mornig wanting to come home, which is great as it means she is feeling well enough to be sick of hospital, it is however still to early. I don't think they will let her home until she has her stitches removed which will be Tuesday at the earlyest and even i think that will be to soon. She needs to get as much recovery in hospital before she comes home cos its very noisy and on the go at home with 3 kids.

I know i said previously that all i want to do is bring her home but it has to be at the right time for her healing to continue well.



1. Jacqueline - May 15, 2006

Hi Paul thats good news, if Mandy feels that well I would go with it as long as she doesnt do too much she’ll be fine, I had my op on the Thursday and came home on the Saturday as I had had enough by then and couldnt rest properly in the hospital, although my stitches were of the dissolving variety, I came home to the mayhem of 3 kids and a puppy and then Gary was called away to work so I was left to it, at least that cant happen to you so you’d be surprised at Mandys recovery rate when she does get home, go with it Paul and at least you’ll have her home for snuggles and cuddles!
So chuffed you are both feeling better.

2. Elfin one - May 15, 2006

I’d talk to the Drs and ask their advice and go on that as I know you won’t let Mandy do too much.

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