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Shopping May 8, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Randomeandering.

Why do women think that men should like shopping with them. Women torture men with the hobby from the moment we are able to walk. The scarring begins with mothers who drag you into every shop looking for school clothes and you thing but mum i wear a uniform for school and its all black, whats wrong with the first outfit i tried on. then just when you get sorted they start looking at shoes, again all you need is the first pair of black shoes that fit(cheap if possible cos your going to kick the toes out in 2 minutes playing football) but no its every shoe shop and some of the clothes shops you've already been in. Then just as you think its all over and your going for the bus home, mum starts looking for clothes for going out at the weekend and your back into all the same clothes shops again.

So scarring complete by around age 12-14, by this age most men are thinking maybe mum will let me get my own clothes  if i say i need to have some independence, this is a crucial time to make the right clothing choices, as mistakes at this juncture and your stuck with mum till your 18 forever.

Men who succeed at this point will resent shopping with women from this day forth as they have tasted freedom, and know the joy of going into one shop at 11.30 buying a full outfit including accessories and still be in done in time for the pubs opening.

So in Short Ladies if you want to enjoy shopping take your friends, mother, sister, under no circumstances take your man(unless your sure they were mothered until 18).



1. Elf - May 9, 2006

I have some strange boys, they love shopping and will sulk if you don’t take them when they ask. Love clothes shopping they are 10yr and 12yrs. 12yr will even go food shopping! 4yr could live without shopping unless it’s in a well known toy store 🙂

2. holigolitely - September 17, 2009

If you really loved us, you would go shopping and care about it.

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