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Sky, Tristan and Isolde April 19, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Film.

We have had Sky TV installed today so lots of great man tv to be found today, although i have yet to get my hands on the remote, it has been cartoons and shopping channels.

Tristan and Isolde- Got a sneaky peek at this movie if your looking for a lovey dovey movie it misses the mark and if your looking for a bit of medevil action it also misses the mark. I found the movie too slow there were times when issues were overplayed as though i would be unable to grasp what was going on and would need it spelt out. I did not connect with any character they all just seem to toddle along with a script that had its moments but either the direction or the acting was not up to much. On a positive note the locations and cinematography were superb. The movie has a rating of 12A which probably does it no justice, i would like to see the bits the director had to cut out to get this rating then we might have a movie.



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