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Craft Shops April 19, 2006

Posted by 30minutemeandering in Altered Art.

What do men want in them, Cafes and seats. As a man i find the only place i can have a rummage is in the to clear section where the obscure last of lines end up. I find the minute you entre a craft shop your entering female space and it should not be like that. My own personal favorite experience was in Arty and Crafty near our house, upon walking in i was asked in quite an obnoxious tone "What do you want" quite taken aback i ignored it but how do you interest men in what is going on in the craft world if they are made to feel unwelcome, suffice to say we do not shop there anymore as im the driver. What are craft shops offering men, where is the dark side of craft, where is the rebellion its not Dawn Bibby thats for sure men want danger, cutting, hot glue, a complicated plan they can disregard most of all they want something they can relate to. What do men want to see being sold-Scrapbook kits, no i dont mean a scrapbook with all the paper and trimmings to do a page i mean i want the kit to build the scrapbook (bindings, covers, thick card and tools). Give men a chance to join in with what their wives/partners are doing and they will get interested. What do i do. Well mainly altered art and atc's. Why because it is random and exciting and mainly because it feels fluid to me and many different media can be used and adapted. What do i use. Anything, bargain bin bits and bobs, scraps and fimble finds. I realise there are lots of man crafts out there like model boats and cars and building dolls houses. i suppose what i am asking craft shops to do is bridge the gap and have some middle ground, or at least have a cafe and some seats.



1. Elf - April 19, 2006

I am sure I have seen kits that you make from scratch. I’ll have to look for them. In the meantime there are always sarabook type of things to play with, just in case Mrs M hasn’t told you about sarabooks, you buy a blank cover and pages then decorate any way you want, you can buy sarapapers but they may be a bit feminine.

There is absoulutly nothing stopping you from getting some card and making a scrapbook of your own. Why buy a kit that dictates what you use when with your talent you could be making the kits to sell on ebay. 🙂

BTW if you are ever in this direction on the last Saturday of the month our big craft warehouse is open and has a cafe with FREE tea and cake. And there’s a pub next door. Well worth a pootle down the A1. Should only take 3 hours 😀

2. 30minutemeandering - April 20, 2006

Free tea and cake i’m sold.

3. 30 Minute Meandering » Blog Archive » Men Explained - May 19, 2006

[…] Today we visited a craft shop (one with coffee), while there i was reading an old copy of Heat magazine and on the letters page a woman had written "it infuriates me when my husband flicks between channels when adverts come on" there was more to the letter but this was the bit that caught my eye […]

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